Israel Belema - Engineer and Inventor -TEDxAddis እስራኤል ቤሌማ

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Israel Belema - Engineer and Inventor -TEDxAddis እስራኤል ቤሌማ

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Israel Belema - Engineer and Inventor -TEDxAddis እስራኤል ቤሌማ


Israel was born in the rural town of Ginchi, 90 km west of Addis Ababa in 1988. As a kid, he was fascinated with the way electrical things worked and by the age of 6 had already understood the basic mechanics of machines he found at home. It was at this tender age that he heard about a machine that let people in distant places talk to each other and his curious mind was fired up about the concept of telephones. He began with his quest, asking the adults around him to explain how it worked and going to the Telecommunication Center in his town to find out how voice can be transmitted across distance.
By the age of 13, he had built his own telephone network and had began to provide telephone service to his small town. As a service provider, he soon caught the attention of the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) and was 'discovered.'
Israel soon began his training as a student studying telecommunication basic transmission with the support of ETC and pursued his degree in Computer Engineering at Microlink Information Technology College. Israel currently works as a researcher and has contributed many innovations such as video camera editing machines, voice recording systems, conferencing ystems and has two patents for developing an independent telecommunication network and another for inventing a unique international car security system.

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