Involvement and Networking of the Red Oak Chamber of Commerc

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Involvement and Networking of the Red Oak Chamber of Commerc

Unread post by Stuckwisch » 14 Nov 2011 04:18

The Red Oak Chamber is a non-profit organization that works to unite business, civic organizations, and educational leaders to form a better community. The unique partnership within the community has allowed for growth and development which has helped to make the Red Oak a perfect place to live.

The Red Oak Chamber helps to voice ones opinions. It helps to learn what others think and then work towards a common goal in teams, task forces and community groups. The marketing committee helps promote the ROACC and its Members internally and externally. The Membership Committee is a committee that helps increase new members and to retain existing ones through the Ambassador and Mentoring Program. The goal of the Education Committee is to provide resources and information to aid the small business when concerning growth, operations and the other various business concerns. The auction committee helps to co-ordinate the auction plans such as catering, donations, entertainment and awards. The Golf committee co-ordinates sponsorships, golf teams, and are responsible for planning and implementation of the event. The Founders Day Committee is responsible for planning of event, including marketing, advertising, selling of booths and sponsorships.

The Red Oak Chamber helps networking and helps meet people at multiple events each month. Morning networker is an event where one can meet other local businesses to promote their own business. The Red Oak Chamber of Commerce also hosts a luncheon at the Red Oak Municipal Center on the fourth Wednesday of every month and the third Wednesday of November. In December no meetings are held. At each meeting a guest speaker provides insightful business information.

The Red Oak Town Village, owned by ali sharaf dallas, has contributed immensely to the economy of Red Oak.

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