Towards mitigation of housing inadequacy in Kochi

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Towards mitigation of housing inadequacy in Kochi

Unread post by Butler61 » 20 Sep 2011 07:08

There are two distinct aspects of Public-Private Cooperation in Urban Housing: The first concerns the development of housing amenities for the ‘have-nots’ and those who are inadequately housed. The second pertains to the ‘haves’ whose housing needs have increased due to certain circumstances.

In cities like Kochi the cooperation between the Public and the Private sector has resulted in major developments that has led to the development of a particular model in urban development. Right from the corporation authorities to the people manning the affairs at the lowest block level, the investor friendly approach of the administrative authorities has helped to work wonders in Kochi, the financial nerve center of Kerala.

Due to the greater partnership between the public and the private sectors in urban development, if you intend to invest or even buy an Apartment Kochi is the best place for you. Since you can generate enough income either through setting up your own business or by being a business partner with a major entrepreneur, your investment is always worth in the long run. Almost all the businessmen and entrepreneurs from the state always consider Kochi an unavoidable investment destination.

The government has changed its policies drastically due to the realization that it is practically impossible to mitigate the housing problem in Kochi through its own efforts. The liberalization policies were given the green signal several years ago. With each passing year, the government is moving away the controls and other restrictions of yesteryears. In its place transparency in decision making for greater development is being encouraged. Thus this city is racing forward towards a higher status as a metropolitan city in the near future.

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