Witnessing the need for massive infrastructure development

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Witnessing the need for massive infrastructure development

Unread post by Mason » 10 May 2011 01:29

Real Estate in Cochin is likely to witness further value appreciation in the near future due to the inflow of significant funds from overseas destinations. One of the major constraints that real estate developers face now is the lack of adequate public infrastructures and the civic amenities not keeping with the additional demand.

The pathetic condition of the roads in Cochin is a major constraint that puts away an investor from committing significant investments when on a first visit to the city. Travel through the city roads is rather difficult during the rainy season. The condition of the roads during the summer is also no better. Coupled with that is the delay involved in widening the roads in almost all parts of the city. Even though action plans for city development have been formulated, they lie mostly on paper with no improvement in the ground situation.

All the metro cities in the country faced the same problem. However, through adequate investments into flyovers and a time bound action plan for improving the transport infrastructure, major changes could be achieved. Thus living in far off areas from the city limits is not a problem for working professionals in the metros.

In Cochin, traffic snarls are seen as early as from 9 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the night. Such is the increase in the number of vehicles on the streets in the city. A trend being witnessed is that people are shying away from moving to the outskirts out of fear of not being able to reach the place of work or being unable to send their wards on time to school or college. They do not want to fall a victim to the traffic congestion. Thus, there is much demand for living spaces on the city centers. This is another reason for the mushrooming growth of shopping malls, hospitals and even schools in the city centers.

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