Better options for the trading brokers

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Erik Todd

Better options for the trading brokers

Unread post by Erik Todd » 14 Oct 2010 05:32

Traders of the bygone era will be awestruck by the newer developments on offer for the options trading broker. The information and document flow in the same securities trading transaction after the implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interface), has totally automated the information and document flow between the ‘brokers’ and ‘stock exchange’ and physical delivery of securities have been replaced by the delivery in the electronic format. EDI has taken over some of the most cumbersome processing steps.

Literally speaking, EDI has performed the following major functions. It has ensured automated communication of the critical business information in a structured format between the business processes of the following:
• Buyer’s broker, stock exchange and the seller’s broker
• Brokers and stock exchanges
• Depository, Stock Exchange and Depository participants
• It has replaced the paper based information flow by the electronic media

This process will be fully automated as and when the banks automate their cash payment and receipt system and interface it with the system of the depository and the clearing house. Thus buying and selling will be a hassle free process for both the buyers and sellers. The broker will also undertake his various operations with ease.

With the arrival of the internet, today almost all customers have the necessary data at their fingertips. Information retrieval and dissemination has become so fast that it is now possible to get involved in online trade from any part of the world. One need not be physically present at a particular trading center to be part of the various trading operations. This is the main reason for the popularity of the online trading platforms among the public.

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