ESAT Breaking News PM Meles Zenawi humilated in G8 meeting May 2012

Meles Zenawi humiliated in the presence of world leaders at G8 Symposium Advancing Food and Nutrition Security at Ronald Reagan Building, USAID, in Washington DC. on May 18, 2012

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  1. He was startled and hang his head in shame.
    Thank you Abebe Gellaw for expressing the thoughts of millions of Ethiopians, and shaming the tyrant!

  2. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!! This guy is Ambessa. Abebe Gelaw you are man’s man. I am proud of you. God Bless you!

    God Bless to the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia! Down to minority regime of woyane!

  3. Ende Mele!!!!!! Endezi dingut nesh ende? ? ? ?

    Tiyit bitekos min liwitsh new mele?

    Leba simu sitera yidenegital alu.

  4. Shame on you Abe, do you think you disgraced Meles? No You disgraced Ethiopia, you don’t even know what you are saying, you are simply annoyed with our internal politics like all of us but you have to think about ethiopia forget him

  5. Y00000000 endesemesh zero yebezabeshale…for one thing hasabeh ena gemeteh zero new. I am not keteregna, biyakorahe enkuan akurutognale new mibalew kiteregna kalehonek malete new…hahahaha

  6. Who says humiliating this buffoon (Meles) is humiliating Ethiopia? Meles doesn’t believe in Ethiopia, he never calls himself an Ethiopian. In fact, he made the humiliation of Ethiopia his lifetime mission!!!!

  7. This is wonderful, I love Abebe Gelaw. The stupid guard thinks he is in Ethiopia warning Abebe to kill. We live in a free country.

  8. endee meles ye 80 million hezb lekso yalasdenegetew ahun be 1 sew endet denegete hahahahahaha weyes ene obama ewnetun awekubegn belo new kkkkkkk ene obaman kemifera menale agerun ena hezbun endezi befera

  9. Is this guy normal, stupid it seems he need a psychiatrist. MELES the man who make ethiopia a country transiting to development. Diaspora loser……….you will remain crying as you have been doing it for the last 20 years. long live meles and EPRDF. Our next prime Minister is also gonna be MELES the great man:))))))

  10. haha Mr.Zenawi looks frustrated. That was the most memorable day of Mr.zenawi.
    Thumbs up for the journalist!

  11. አንቁራሪቱ መለስና ዲቃላዉ ኦባማ ገና ይዋረዳሉ።

  12. Finally, God has listened the innocents Ethiopian prayers, Of-course too much tolerance is stink, but Ethiopian people are powerless, and sufferers of these misfortunes for almost twenty years. in spite of of these stupid politics or the leaders greed, and autocracy, yesterday 18 May 2012 at G8 meeting Abebe Gelaw has been sent as an angle to interrupt and protest the presence of Meles Zenawi. This is an urge to the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, as well as a step to all Ethiopian protesters for the oppression by the Meles regime.

  13. The speech along with his action remind me the movie that showns when Ethiopian’s went to fight the Italians.
    Abebe once again becames a Hero name. oop’s have anyone imagine what the celaberation will look like by the time Melse is capatured or dead. what a joy that Ethiopian’s will feel…
    I wish all my brothers and Sisters of Ethiopian got the chance to see that time
    especially those who saw and got the pains of Melse’s Evil speech.

  14. Abe God be with you this z begining we will end it up meles zenawi & his tails have a relegated thinkig mind they always lies what do u expect from a liar?

  15. weyane is like torjan virus they corupt our mind download their problem scan our pocket
    delete our passion & smile

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