Dr Tedros Says Ethiopia Values Norway’s Partnership in Building a Green Economy

Tayitu 14th Tayitu 14th

Dr Tedros Adhanom met with members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Norwegian Parliament on Thursday (February 26). He told the delegation, headed by the Chairwoman of the Labor Party, Anniken Huitfeldt, that the Government of Ethiopia cherished the bonds of development partnership for building a Climate Resilient Green Economy by 2020.

Their talks covered regional peace and security, climate change and Ethiopia’s socio-economic development as well as other bilateral and multilateral topics of common interest. Dr Tedros briefed the delegation the ongoing IGAD-led South Sudan mediation peace process, the improved political and security situation in Somalia, Ethiopia’s major development projects, the progress being made in the country’s social and economic affairs, the implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan, and the successful preparations being made by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to ensure the May National Elections would be peaceful and democratic as well as fair, as well as the growth of the Ethio-Norwegian ties.

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Dr Tedros, noting Ethiopia had witnessed rapid and sustainable annual economic growth over the last decade, said the country’s development agenda was geared towards to the transformation of the structure of the economy in order to lay the foundations for a manufacturing base. One aspect of this was the development of micro and small scale enterprises which had successfully generated substantial employment. The Government’s development strategy prioritizes the balance between rapid economic growth and balanced development, he said, and he also noted that the development agenda emphasized regional economic integration as a factor. This could usher in peace in the region and more widely, he pointed out.

Dr. Tedros said Ethiopia’s major infrastructure development projects were a testimony to its interest ion regional integration and they also provided the drivers for economic integration for the welfare of the people and transformation of the region. He said Ethiopia-Djibouti ties were a clear example of economic integration within the IGAD region and were emblematic of the progress towards economic integration of African countries within the AU framework. Ms. Huitfeldt said that this first official visit to Ethiopia by the Standing Committee underscored the growing relationship between Ethiopia and Norway.

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She said Norway was highly appreciative of Ethiopia’s role in working for lasting peace and security in the Horn region and in Africa. She also appreciated Ethiopia’s rapid economic development, which, she said, contributed to electrifying progress in social affairs in education as well as a more equal distribution of wealth.

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