CNN Erin burnett reaction on Meles Zenawi death (VIDEO)

CNN anchor Erin Burnett’s calls Meles Zenawi a dictator and describe what it means his death to the US government and her stay in Ethiopia
CNN anchor Erin Burnett's on meles

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  1. why do they always say “what’s in it for us” every time something big happens in poor nations. Erin complained about the U.S government gives Ethiopia billions of dollars every years and the Chineese are the ones who are investing and benefiting from Ethiopia. she never mentioned what the Ethiopian government do in return to the billion dollar donation, they fight America’s war and die. She could have also talked about the impact of the death of the Premier’s death on 90 + million Ethiopians.

  2. I don’t even call this a report, a news or what so ever. It is just lamentation. Erin, you may think you know a lot about Ethiopia, but I don’t think so. Your comparison lacks credibility. China is engaged in construction business, the US on the other hand has a political agenda at the expense of Ethiopian govt and Ethiopians. The US always pours dollars of the tax – payers not to help the other nation but to accomplish its national interest.You don’t even have the right to call the Ethiopian PM, ‘ a dictator ‘, that is non of your business. Let the Ethiopians say what they have to say about the late PM. Shame on you, Erin.

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