Yohanes Tefaye, left, and Yeme Taye grieve Tuesday for their friend, Monaco Grocery clerk Yezew Anday, who was shot and killed

Ethiopian clerk murdered in Denver moved to U.S. for “a better life”

Two masked robbers ended an immigrant’s dream of a better life Monday night, Denver police said. Two suspects wearing masks and dark clothing entered the Monaco Grocery at 6622 E. Colfax Ave.... Read more »
haile_gebrselassie_johnnie walker

Ethiopian sport fans not happy on Haile and Johnnie Walker 100,000 Agreement

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopian sports fans have started on Saturday to criticize world marathon record holder and “track hero” Haile Gebresilassie for signing an advertisement agreement with Johnnie Walker, the most widely... Read more »

Ethiopian Football Doctor Mengistu Worku in his own words ( VIDEO )

Some people call him A Ball Doctor, some of them Fitawrari, (ፊታውራሪ)  some of them Adbaru (አድባሩ) but he was a true Legend for all of Ethiopian football fans. Mengistu Worku tells... Read more »

Wikileaks: Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki accused Meles Zenawi tried to Kill him

Eritrean strongman Isaias Afeworki was nearly assassinated while on his way back to Asmara after a family holiday in Kenya, secret American diplomatic cables have revealed. The secret cables posted online by... Read more »

Haile Gebreselassie for Prime Minister ?

Plans political career when he finally retires Haile Gebrselassie, back in full training after rescinding a premature decision to retire, is eyeing a political career when he finally hangs up his running... Read more »

Mengistu Worku Ethiopian Football Legend Passed Away

Ethiopian sport website reported that  Mengistu Worku 70, Ethiopia’s greatest footballer of all time and the last head coach who took the Ethiopian national football team to the African Nations Cup in... Read more »

Super Shuttle Driver Muhammed Teshale Charged with Hit & Run (video)

ALEXANDRIA – The driver of an airport Super Shuttle is facing numerous charges after witnesses say he hit as many as six cars on his way out to Dulles International Airport without... Read more »

Emperor HaileSelassie Family Pays 25 Million Br. to Get Wabe Shebelle Hotel

Family uses hotel as collateral to obtain bank loan to get hotel back from government The grandchildren of Emperor Haileselassie paid 25 million Br, which they secured from Dashen Bank, required for... Read more »

An Ethiopian Daniel Yohannes Remarkable Rise ( VIDEO )

Ethiopiaforums.com CNN African voices featured Ethiopian American and one of the top leaders in the United States government Daniel Yohannes. In the three parted video interview Daniel talks with CNN’s Jill Dougherty... Read more »

Nahom Records to pay 100,000 br. for artist Makiya Behailu

By Mikias Sebsibe : Reporter Mikaya Behailu, a prominent songwriter and performer, was awarded 100,000 birr as a compensation for moral damage last week after the Eighth Civil Bench of Federal High... Read more »