Meet the guy who owns half of D.C.’s Gas stations, Joe (Eyob) Mamo, D.C.’s Gas-Station Master

To hear him tell it, Joe Mamo’s move from Ethiopia to North Dakota in 1981 was accidental. Mamo’s father, Yenberber Mamo, was a public transit mogul who manufactured buses... Read more »

Ethiopians in Norway gave up church refuge

The last of nearly 100 Ethiopian refugees who failed to qualify for asylum in Norway gave up their week-long occupation of the Oslo Cathedral (Domkirken) on Monday. Now they’ll... Read more »

GiGi Rocks Addis

By Tibebeselassie Tigabu Last Saturday, the Ghion Hotel was packed by with 6,000 fans that came to excited to see and hear the renowned singer Egigayehu Shibabawu,  also known... Read more »

Norway official Siv Jensen will throw Ethiopians out of the cathedral

Ethiopians stopped the hunger strike Progress Party leader Siv Jensen decided to  remove  Ethiopians who held a hunger strike  from the Oslo Cathedral with force. She asks the government... Read more »

Doctors helping Ethiopian boy by facial reconstruction surgery

DANVILLE — Hyenas ripped off Sisay’s nose, upper lip and several teeth. Now, with the help of Geisinger Medical Center doctors, the 7-year-old Ethiopian boy has a chance at... Read more »

Journalist Eskinder Nega warned by EPRDF Police officials

One of the free press journalists who is known with a critical articles and blogs of the EPRDF government and current situation of Ethiopian politics in online medias has... Read more »

Ethiopia: U.S. Adoption Agency Involved in Ethiopian Child Trafficking

A Minnesota-based adoption agency had its license to work in Ethiopia revoked by the government there, according to a letter posted (Read The Revocation Letters at the bottom )... Read more »

DV Lottery Winner ! Scam Notification Letters Reported

Did you receive a DV Lottery Congratulations! Letter from USAFIS Organization? A lot of people are receiving lately this US government official letter look like notification from scammer organization... Read more »

Ethiopian Asylum Seekers Suffocate in Truck in Mozambique

VOA: The United Nations refugee agency said it has just recently learned that eight Ethiopian asylum seekers died February 2 from suffocation aboard a closed container truck in Mozambique.... Read more »

Ethiopian Dejen Gebremeskel loses shoe but wins 3000 metres in Boston Grand Prix (Video)

(Reuters) – Ethiopian Dejen Gebremeskel outkicked favoured British runner Mo Farah despite wearing just one shoe to win the men’s 3,000 metres at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix... Read more »