Democratizing the Ethiopian State

Democratizing the Ethiopian State By Daniel Teferra It is common to hear the term democracy being easily thrown about by everyone. But democracy is a difficult and endless task.... Read more »

Ethiopia’s controversial ‘Renaissance Dam’

REPORTERS Ethiopia Egypt Sudan Latest update : 2015-03-13 In April 2011, Ethiopia began the construction of a huge dam on the Nile. The dam is expected to produce as... Read more »

Summit on Ethiopia dam in Khartoum on 23 March: Sudanese FM

Sudanese capital Khartoum will host a trilateral summit for Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on 23 March, state news agency MENA reported. Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti said on Saturday... Read more »

Businessmen, labourers to Ethiopia to get seamless connectivity

Mumbaikars having to hop planes and languish in airports lounges en route to African countries have reason to cheer. Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is starting two daily flights from Mumbai... Read more »

Italians Increasing Investment In Ethiopia

Leather goods made in Ethiopia Photo: Ian Bentley, Ethiopia has seen an increased Italian appetite for investment in infrastructure, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy and tourism, according to an EthiopianHerald report in... Read more »

Ethiopia’s ‘Renaissance Dam’ France 24 Report

I just wanted to inform Ethiopians that woyane has signed agreeement to renew or to sign the 1959 agreement. This is not rumour and according reliable sources from the... Read more »

Ethiopia: Crackdown on Media & Opposition Costs Country Development Aid …

Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn at World Economic Forum. Back home his government has been accused by rights groups of wielding the hammer against opponents. (WEF/Flickr) Mail Guardian Africa By... Read more »

26-year-old from Ethiopia wins 5th annual Jerusalem Marathon

Tadesse Dabi, 26, from Ethiopia won the 5th annual Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, finishing in a time of  two hours, eighteen minutes and 20 seconds. Some 25,000 runners from... Read more »

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia inch toward resolving Nile dam crisis – Al

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia inch toward resolving Nile dam crisis Author: Ayah Aman Posted March 11, 2015 CAIRO — When the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi laid the foundation stone... Read more »

Ethiopia’s 547-member House has only one non-government MP; now …

TWO of Ethiopia’s most prominent opposition figures have said they aren’t standing in May’s parliamentary elections after unfavourable decisions by the Horn of Africa nation’s electoral authorities. The sole opposition... Read more »