Ethiopia reached aggrement to buy fuel from Kuwait

By Hayal Alemayehu The Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise (EPE) last week wrapped up an oil deal with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the contract marking a milestone for the east Africa nation... Read more »

Canada’s Africa Oil Corp. Agrees to Survey New Ethiopian Block

Africa Oil Corp., a Canadian oil and gas exploration company, said it signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government to survey the Rift Valley Block. The company will carry... Read more »

Ethiopia lost 1-0 with Ivory Coast in CECAFA semifinal Tanzania and Ivory Coast reached the CECAFA Cup final. Ethiopian national team dream to be in CECAFA final match ends by losing 0-1 with Ivory Coast. After a... Read more »

Wikileaks: Eritrea attempts ‘charm offensive’ to woo Obama

By After years of isolation, Eritrea’s government tried to re-engage with Washington after the election of President Barack Obama, with sometimes unpalatable results. Members of Eritrea’s “American Mafia,”... Read more »

Wikileaks: Eritrea’s president is ‘unhinged dictator’

The US ambassador to Asmara gives a gloomy assessment of Eritrea’s future, both politically and economically, while President Isaias Afwerki remains in power. But he finds little evidence that... Read more »

Wikileaks: Rare Meeting with Ethiopian Intelligence Chief Getachew Assefa

By On the second Wikileaks US embassy document from Ethiopia it revealed the rare interview and long hours of meeting between the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service... Read more »

Wikileaks : Isaias Aferwerki was busy with trying unseat Meles Zenawi A Wikileaks document from Ugandan US embassy revealed Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki was Busy with trying to unseat Meles Zenawi. In the conversation between the Ugandan president Museveni... Read more »

Egypt convinced Burundi to support them on Nile share

Burundi supports Egypt’s quest to defend its rightful share of Nile water resources, announced the Republic of Burundi’s Deputy President Gervais Rovkiri on Monday. At a joint press conference... Read more »

Egypt trying get support from Uganda by helping a construction of electricity plants

According to an Egyptian News source, The Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Egypt has announced the establishment of an Egyptian company for electricity generation in Uganda. On... Read more »

Banana shortage hits Ethiopian capital

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) For the pass few days, fruit houses in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa are short of bananas since banana farmer’s demands price increase, APA learns here... Read more »