Out of Touch in the Horn of Africa? by Alemayehu G. Mariam

The Berlin Conference of 2009 In 1884, the Berlin Conference was convened by the European imperial powers to carve out colonial territories in Africa. It was called the “Scramble... Read more »

Black soot identified on APU of crashed Ethiopian plane

EthiopianReporter : Kaleyesus Bekele -Fuselage of the aircraft still in the Mediterranean Sea – Lebanese authorities reaffirm refusal to disclose required Information The aircraft accident investigation team of Ethiopian... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines employees honor former CEO Girma Wake

Ethiopian Reporter: By Hayal Alemayehu Employees of Ethiopian Airlines honored Girma Wake, former CEO of the airline, with the latest version of Lifan 520 at a special ceremony held... Read more »

Kenyans to Protest Chinese Involvement in Ethiopia’s Gibe III Dam

APA -Nairobi (Kenya) – Members of civil society and other concerned individuals in Kenya are on Sunday, 20 February 2011 scheduled to stage a peaceful protest march to petition... Read more »

Ethiopia: Sudanese Company Suspends Oil Supply

Addis Ababa — Sudan Petroleum Company has temporarily suspended the agreement signed on fuel supplies to Ethiopia, after the Sudanese oil firm closed its refinery earlier this month, Sudan... Read more »

Ethiopian Strongly Refutes the Misleading Article on the Daily Star News

Press Release: The long awaited progress report on the investigation of the ET409 accident has finally been made public in a press conference held by the Lebanese care taker... Read more »


Date: 8/20/2009 11:57 Origin: Embassy Cairo Classification: CONFIDENTIAL Destination: 09CAIRO1506 Header: VZCZCXYZ0000PP RUEHWEBDE RUEHEG #1615/01 2321157ZNY CCCCC ZZHP 201157Z AUG 09FM AMEMBASSY CAIROTO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC PRIORITY 3458INFO RUEHDS/AMEMBASSY ADDIS... Read more »

Wayne Madsen thinks Meles Zenawi regime is next to fall (Video)

Wayne Madsen a Washington DC based investigative Journalist, author and syndicated columnist, regular contributor for Russia Today  and other Cable News channels thinks the effect of uprising we witnessed... Read more »

Mo Ibrahim in bid to buy Ethiopian brewery Meta

The MAB Consortium that includes Satya Capital, a firm chaired by Dr Mo Ibrahim announced that it has taken part in the bid to hold the state brewery, Meta... Read more »

Germany allocates $26.5 million Euro for AU building project

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The German government on Monday in Addis Ababa held a ceremony to launch a project for a building for the African Union (AU) Commission Peace and... Read more »