Built On Fertile Ground

By Henok Reta An academic initiative to help shape the new face of Ethiopia was held from December 15 to 17. Around 150 key stakeholders from Ethiopia, Germany, India,... Read more »

Pope Names Archbishop Berhaneyesus Souraphiel Cardinal

Addis Ababa — Pope Francis named Archbishop Berhaneyesus Souraphiel of the Catholic Archdiocese of Addis Ababa among other 14 Archbishops and Bishops cardinals. Pope Francis further announced that five... Read more »

Remittance Dilemma

By Dawit Endeshaw After Saudi government decided to deport Ethiopian immigrant flow of remittance shows decline: World Bank report Zenebche Zelek, a 23 was waiting to receive money sent... Read more »

South Sudan Peace Concert Staged in Ethiopia

Musicians from South Sudan held on Saturday (January 04) in Addis Ababa a peace concert aiming at urging parties to put a stop to the violence in the world’s... Read more »

International Training On Human Development in Tourism Opened in Addis Ababa

An international training on the human development in the field of tourism was opened on Monday (January 5) in Addis Ababa aimed to address the shortage of skilled personnel... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Forsaken

By Kalkidan Yibeltal A country where 16% of the population “suffers from some kind of mental health disorders”, and just one specialized psychiatrist hospital Standing unassumingly at the foothold... Read more »

Gauging Public Participation Ahead of the Elections

By Yonas Abiye Public observers’ registration for the forthcoming national election was conducted a fortnight ago. Yet members of the opposition have downplayed the election process and have even... Read more »

The Toll of ‘Aristocratic Spirit’ in Academia

opinion By Taye Negussie (PhD) Plato’s Academia, founded around 300 B.C in classical Greek, is widely thought to be the precursor of the modern University System. Plato’s motif in... Read more »

Sudan’s State Minister for Information

In a discussion with local newspaper, Sudan’s State Minister for Information, Yassir Yousif who was in Addis over the past week for bilateral meeting with Government Communications Affairs Office... Read more »

Ethiopia Set to Use Port of Sudan to Import Goods

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle Addis Ababa — Land locked Ethiopia is to start using Sudan’s main seaport on the Red Sea for importing goods, the Ethiopian ministry of transport disclosed... Read more »