Ethiopia: Onslaught against Somali-Issais ongoing silently in the Awash River

Ethiopia: Onslaught against Somali-Issais ongoing silently in the Awash River Ethiopian government is implementing a program aimed at selling large swaps of land to foreign and international investors and... Read more »

Local Ethiopians miss out as big agriculture firms struggle in Gambella

As dusk envelops the grasslands of Gambella in western Ethiopia, a weary Jakob Pouch sits on a jerry can, resting his chest against a wooden staff. The 45-year-old evangelical... Read more »

Addis Light Railway to Go Operational Next Month

The Addis Ababa’s light rail way project worth $475m would be completed by the end of January, the project manager told reporters. The project manager, Behailu Sintayehu,said that 80%... Read more »


Demisew Benti, Public Relations Director of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), announced today (December 30) that around 33 million people are expected to register to vote for... Read more »

Gilgel Gibe III Hydro Power Project 89 Percent Complete

Miskir Negash, External Communications Director at Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), noted on Wednesday that Ethiopia has completed 89 percent of Gibe III hydropower project, adding that “The Project, which... Read more »

Ethiopia set to use port of Sudan to import goods

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle December 30, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) –Land locked Ethiopia is to start using Sudan’s main seaport on the Red Sea for importing goods, the Ethiopian ministry of... Read more »

Ethiopia denies reports about Yemen migrants’ drowning

“Media reports that 70 people died, mostly Ethiopians, while being ferried to Yemen is baseless,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dina Mufti told The Anadolu Agency on Wednesday. Media reports earlier... Read more »

Japan’s Harajuku girls and Ethiopia’s Omo tribe united by their love of hairclips

Japan’s Kawaii girls and Ethiopia’s Bana tribe share a love for piles of colourful hair clips In Tokyo, clips are worn on fringes alone with the majority choosing girly... Read more »

Government to Pick International Wheat Supplier

By Fasika Tadesse Five companies are bidding to procure 1.2 million quintals of wheat for the government The Public Procurement Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) made a financial opening for... Read more »

Gedion Zelalem is now a U.S. citizen

According to the Washingtonpost report gedion Zelalem an Ethiopian by parents and German-born midfielder, who played six years of youth soccer in the D.C. area before signing with Arsenal... Read more »