Ethiopia Launches China-backed $475M Transporation Project

More From Our Site A $475 million transportation project launched for testing in Ethiopia last week, CCTV Africa reported. Backed by the China Railway Construction Corporation — which trained... Read more »

A peaceful ending for hardworking animals in Ethiopia

A by-law change in Halaba, Ethiopia, now allows the Brooke to euthanise old and abandoned working animals that are beyond help. Photos: The Brooke Global equine welfare charity the... Read more »

Irish firm bids to improve banking services in Ethiopia

Ethiopian banks and microfinance firms are launching mobile money services, helping reach swathes of the population that now have little access to branches or services. The launch of the... Read more »

East African Standby Force Urges Support of Stakeholders

By Webheraldpressh* East African Standby Force (EASF) called on member states, international partners and foundations to support its efforts in ensuring regional peace and stability. During a press conference... Read more »

Govt, Industry Leaders Express High Expectations of Upcoming Hotel Investment …

The government in Ethiopia and industry leaders gathered to brief the media yesterday on the African Hotel Investment Forum 2015 (AHIF), which will take place at the same location... Read more »

Ethiopian orphan fulfills dream of becoming IDF officer

Among hundreds of excited cadets at an officer training course graduation ceremony on Wednesday stood one soldier who felt that his presence there was a victory against all odds.... Read more »

Ethiopian Shade Coffee Is World’s Most Bird Friendly

Shady coffee plantations in Ethiopia, where coffee has been grown for at least a thousand years, hold relatively more forest bird species than any other coffee farms in the... Read more »

2015-2030 Critical in Improving Lives of the Poor

By Alazar Shiferaw The next fifteen years will be critical in mollifying the lives of the poor at a faster pace in a meaningful way than any time in... Read more »

Djibouti-Ethiopia Commission Launch Trade Talks

The Djibouti-Ethiopian Joint Commission met Monday (February 2nd) in Djibouti to discuss bilateral relations and negotiate the terms of several trade agreements, the Djiboutian Information Agency reported. The joint... Read more »

Clean Energy Technology Programme Launched

By Leulseged Worku Low Emission Low Carbon Transfer (LCET) Programme that enhance and promote Ultra-Low Head Micro Hydro Power (ULH-MHP) technologies for productive uses in Ethiopia was launched last... Read more »