A Shocking Video Shows Ethiopian Girl Dragged and Abused in Lebanon Angered Many

A shocking video shot by Lebanese media LBC has gone viral on the internet and angered many around the world. In the disturbing video, a group of Lebanese Thugs are seen publicly abusing an Ethiopian woman in broad daylight while onlookers were indifferent and ignoring the woman’s plea for help. The helpless Ethiopian woman was repeatedly heard pleading for help, but not one person from the onlookers were willing to come to her help. The video has angered many in the Ethiopian community and are demanding for justice.

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Ethiopian girl in lebanon


According to media reports, the Lebanese government has condemned the act and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Ethiopians in Lebanon and other Middle East countries constantly face harassment and abuse at the hands of their employers. But a public display of their abuse is rarely seen.



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Source: Nazret.com

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