Shocking pictures show mass exorcism in Ethiopia where 150 people paid a month’s wages for priest to ‘banish their demons’

SHOCKING pictures show hundreds of people taking part in a a mass exorcism to “banish demons” in Ethiopia – and paying up to one month’s salary for the privilege. David Tesinsky/Universal Features/ Read more »

Insecurity forces 978,000 Ethiopians to flee their homes – Ethiopia

An upsurge of inter-communal violence in Ethiopia’s West Guji and Gedeo regions has forced an estimated 978,000 people to flee their homes since 13 April, according to the United Nations. “This surge... Read more »

Egypt and Ethiopia Smooth Tensions Over Nile Dam

CAIRO—Officials from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday made progress after months of acrimony over how to share the waters of the Nile river, smoothing tensions in a conflict that has threatened... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Capability of Resisting Drought

opinion By Tsegay Hagos Ethiopia had been associated with war and drought for many years. Because of this, its name was highly tarnished, often mentioned in the western media as an impoverished... Read more »

Somalia floods displace thousands: Ethiopia, Djibouti troops help in evacuation

Central Somalia has experienced heavy rains which have flooded parts of the country. The resultant effect has been the displacement of thousands. The United Nations estimates that almost half a million people... Read more »

Ethiopia: Periodic Monitoring Report 2017 Humanitarian Requirements Document (Covering 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2017) – Ethiopia

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Food Cluster: 8.5 million emergency beneficiaries and 4.5 m ex-public work clients received emergency food commodities.During the last quarter of 2017, IDPs were also targeted for emergency food distribution.... Read more »

Explainer: Egypt fears losing water supply to Ethiopia mega-dam | News

Ministers from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are holding talks over disputes related to the world’s longest river. Egypt, which depends on the Nile for water, is worried about a dam being built... Read more »

WASH Cluster – Ethiopia: General Overview Dashboard, February 2018 – Ethiopia

All info-graphics and numbers are based on the WASH Cluster’s 4W monthly reporting tool Information presented in this dashboard reflects only data from partners that shared information with the WASH Cluster and... Read more »

Horn of Africa Drought Response Issue No. 09 (February 2018) – Ethiopia

With below average rains experienced across the region, some locations in the Horn of Africa are expected to continue to drive humanitarian needs for the next six months. A weak La Niña... Read more »

Ethiopia: Pipeline update and activity mapping (as of 14 March 2018) – Ethiopia

Following the EHCT decision not to invest in permanent water infrastructure in Qoloji IDP sites, the water trucking requirements could increase if Government camp closure plans are delayed. Given that water trucking... Read more »