Eritrea volcano ash hits Ethiopia villagers. Ash cloud reaches Israel

Ash spewing from the Dubbi volcano in Eritrea has covered villages in Ethiopia, affecting at least 5,000 people, aid workers say. Initial reports said eight villages in the Biddu district of Ethiopia,... Read more »
Ethiopian airlines planes

Ethiopian Airlines resumes partial flight to destinations affected by volcano

Volcanic ash – Ethiopian Airlines announced Wednesday that it had resumed flights to some of the destinations affected by volcanic ash from a volcanic eruption in Eritrea Monday morning. “The volcanic ash... Read more »

Earthquakes hit Eritrea – Ethiopia border region. Lufthansa cancels flights

ASMARA, ERITREA– A series of moderate earthquakes struck the Eritrea – Ethiopia border region on Sunday evening, seismologists said, but it was not immediately known if there was damage or if there... Read more »

Tourists in Ethiopia’s volatile Danakil Desert brave blistering heat to watch volcanos (Video)

For tourists looking for an extra boost of adrenaline with their holiday experience, it doesn’t come more adventurous than a volcano watching trip to one of the world’s most volatile destinations. Ethiopia’s... Read more »