Ethiopia: Egypt Signaled and signed a diplomatic deal

Cairo (HAN) June 13, 2014 –  Egyptian President Al Sissi pushes for deal on disputed Nile Dam and Signaled a diplomatic deal with Ethiopia.    President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi signaled a thaw... Read more »
Nile Dam Ethiopia

Ethiopia keeping Egypt in dark on Nile dam

(Reuters) – Ethiopia did not inform Egypt it planned to build a huge dam on the Nile and the two countries have not discussed the issue despite fears a dispute over the... Read more »

Nile Basin Ministers to Meet in Ethiopia This Weekend

Ministers in charge of water in Nile basin states are scheduled to meet in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, this weekend for their Council of Ministers. In an e-mail sent to The... Read more »

Egypt warns that new Nile agreement could prove a ‘death sentence’

Cairo has jealously guarded the riches of Africa’s longest river. Now poorer nations have had enough. Daniel Howden reports Egypt’s arable land stretches out over the map of North Africa like a... Read more »
Egypt PM

Egyptian MP calls for calm ” Nile is A National security and Life”

Kampala An Egyptian Member of Parliament, Mr Mohamed Youssef, has asked the Nile Basin countries to restrain from moves that will deprive some countries that need the Nile water most the opportunity... Read more »

New Nile agreement a wake-up call for Egypt: analysts

By Christophe de Roquefeuil (AFP) CAIRO — A new agreement by five African states on Nile water sharing has been a wake-up call for Egypt, which has long considered the river its... Read more »

Kenya signs Nile Basin deal. Rejected by Egypt ( VIDEO )

Kenya signed a new agreement to alter historic water sharing arrangements for the River Nile on Wednesday and said Egypt, which opposes the deal, had little choice but to join the other... Read more »
Nile river in Egypt

Egypt asserts right to block upstream Nile dams

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt insisted on Tuesday it can block dams and other projects upstream on the Nile, challenging a new deal among African nations seeking to alter historic water sharing arrangements... Read more »

Egypt angered by the new Tana Beles dam, Trying to block the new Nile deal

* President is set for Italian visit in protest over European aid for Ethiopia dam projects Egypt has intensified various diplomatic efforts to delegitimise recent new Nile deal signed by four countries.... Read more »

Egypt and Sudan Oppose Nile Deal – Aljazeera VIDEO

Watch Al jazeera video on The new Nile Treaty A controversial deal has been signed to share the waters of the world’s longest river. But Egypt and Sudan are not happy at... Read more »