Kidnapped Ethiopian Cab Driver Likely Never to Recover

Kidnapped Cab Driver Likely Never to Recover A cab driver who was kidnapped, stuffed in the trunk of his cab and driven around Cincinnati for hours is in a vegetative state and... Read more »
Cab driver kidnapped Mulugeta shiferaw

Kidnapped Ethiopian Taxi Driver Not Responding To Doctors

An Ethiopian taxi driver who was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of his cab for a day remains unconscious in the hospital. 30-year-old Mulugeta Shiferaw’s friends say he is not responding... Read more »
Adam Woldemarim

Honest Ethiopian Taxi driver Return $221,510 He Found in His Taxi ( Video )

He got a $2,000 tip for his honesty An Ethiopian Las Vegas cabbie is being heralded as a hero after he valiantly returned a quarter-million dollars to a gambler who absentmindedly left... Read more »