The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

November 12 marked the first anniversary of the Oromo Protests, a non-institutional and anti-authoritarian movement calling for an end to decades of systemic exclusion and subordination of the Oromo. Although the protests were... Read more »

State of Emergency Normalizing Situation in Ethiopia – ReliefWeb

Addis Ababa October 20, 2016 The Office of the Federal Attorney said the state of emergency that Ethiopia has declared a week ago, is helping to restore law and order in the... Read more »

Ethiopia's state of emergency will work – Washington Post

Residents of Bishoftu protest the Oromo anti-government during the new year holiday Irreechaa on Oct. 2, 2016. (Zacharias Abubeker/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE via Getty Images) October 16 at 7:54 PM The Oct. 12 editorial... Read more »

Ethiopia is on track to become Africa's industrial powerhouse – Quartz

Ethiopia seems to be attracting the attention of economists interested in Africa, and for good reason. Except for Rwanda, Ethiopia is the only African country whose economic growth has been consistently high... Read more »

Assistant Secretary Tom Malinowski to Travel to Uganda and Ethiopia – US Department of State (press release)

Assistant Secretary Tom Malinowski will travel to Uganda and Ethiopia on November 14 and November 17, respectively. In Uganda, he will meet with government officials, opposition party leaders, journalists, and civil society... Read more »

U.S. Keen to Support Ethiopia’s Role in Stabilizing South Sudan

Linda Thomas Greenfield, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, said on Thursday (February 26) that the U.S. was committed to continue to support Ethiopia’s role in stabilizing South Sudan. Speaking... Read more »

State terrorism in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region

By Graham Peebles Ethiopia is being hailed as a shining example of African economic growth. Principal donors and devotees of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank development model (an imposed ideological vision which... Read more »