Ethiopia: Full transcript (in English) of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s speech at Millennium Hall

Esteemed people of our country, invited guests, Ladies and gentlemen,   I would like to express the unique honor I feel to be able to convey this message standing before you, beloved... Read more »

My Personal Letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Office of the Prime Minister Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Dear Prime Minister Abiy: Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your inauguration as prime minister. I am supremely... Read more »

Ethiopians praise PM’s inaugural speech

Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Abiye Ahmed appears to have succeeded in reassuring government officials shortly after taking over. His first speech, presented in Parliament on Monday was highly appreciated by lawmakers and... Read more »

Abiy Ahmed Sworn in As Prime Minister – FULL Speech

Addis Ababa April 02/02018 Abiy Ahimed Ali (PhD) today sworn in as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to succeed Hailemariam Desalegn who resigned last February. Watch the full Ethiopia new Prime minister... Read more »

Ethiopia bans protests, publications that incite violence during emergency rule

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s state of emergency imposed on Friday includes a ban on protests and publications that incite violence, Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa said on Saturday. The move was made... Read more »

Ethiopia OKs Law Against Sharing Defamatory Speech Online – ABC News

Ethiopia’s parliament on Tuesday approved a law to imprison people who distribute defamatory speech, pornography and spam online, a move that bloggers and activists said is meant to silence dissent. The law’s... Read more »

Mr. Obama’s visit to Ethiopia sends the wrong message on democracy

Mr. Obama’s visit to Ethiopia sends the wrong message on democracy – Washington Post Editorial    “AFRICA DOESN’T need strongmen, it needs strong institutions.” Those were President Obama’s words when he addressed Ghana’s... Read more »