Horn of Africa Drought Response Issue No. 09 (February 2018) – Ethiopia

With below average rains experienced across the region, some locations in the Horn of Africa are expected to continue to drive humanitarian needs for the next six months. A... Read more »

Horn of Africa Region: Humanitarian Snapshot (January – February 2018) – Ethiopia

Overview Climatic shocks, conflict, insecurity and political instability continue to drive humanitarian need in the Horn of Africa. While food insecurity increased by nearly 24 per cent in 2017,... Read more »

Government Signs Agreement with UAE and Ethiopia Regarding Development of Berbera Port

Mar 15, 2018 Somaliland: Government Signs Agreement with UAE and Ethiopia Regarding Development of Berbera Port An investment agreement has been made between the governments of Somaliland, the United... Read more »

Somalia parliament rejects Somaliland’s Berbera port deal with DP World, Ethiopia

Somalia’s lower house of parliament on Monday backed the federal government’s rejection of the Berbera port deal entered into by semi-autonomous Somaliland, Ethiopia and DP World. A Voice of... Read more »

Civil strife in Ethiopia has the potential to destabilise the whole region

Ethiopia is experiencing ethnic and political tensions that could have far-reaching implications for its neighbors in the Horn of Africa, and beyond. The Horn of Africa is among the... Read more »

Somalia rejects Somaliland port deal with Ethiopia and UAE company

The government of Somalia has rejected the agreement signed between Ethiopia, Somaliland and United Arab Emirates (UAE) logistics company DP World. In a statement declaring the agreement ‘null and... Read more »

Somalia illegally surrendered citizen to Ethiopia – parliamentary report

Somalia’s parliament, the House of the People, says the government’s formal handover of a Somali national to neighbouring Ethiopia was illegal. The parliamentary body set up to probe the... Read more »

Is Somalia Parliament’s Report Encouraging Armed Rebellion against Neighboring Ethiopia?

MOGADISHU, (Horn Observer) Somali parliament on Saturday approved report in which it supports the armed rebellion against neighboring Ethiopia in what many believe might have been commissioned by the... Read more »

ONLF Rebel Leader Illegally Extradited to Ethiopia

The controversial extradition of a prominent ONLF rebel leader to Ethiopia was illegal, a report by a Somali parliamentary commission said Saturday. Abdikarim Sheikh Muse, a top member of... Read more »

Eritrea backing armed groups against Ethiopia and Djibouti – U.N. experts

A United Nations report says Eritrea’s continued support for some anti-government elements continue to heighten security in the Horn of Africa region. The activities of the said groups are... Read more »