Ethiopia: Boosting business, protecting wildlife | eco@africa | DW … – Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle Ethiopia: Boosting business, protecting wildlife | eco@africa | DW …Deutsche WellePopulation growth around Ethiopia’s stunning Simien Mountains has had a devastating effect on its flora and fauna. Could a new... Read more »

10 Things You Must Experience in Ethiopia

Ethiopia imbeds cross-cultural civilizations from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Gifted with unique historical wonders and pleasant hospitality, Ethiopia offers adventurous exploration opportunities. Ethiopia’s landscape and weather conditions makes... Read more »

Wildlife-watching on Ethiopia’s stunning mountain ranges

It was just after sunrise in the Simien Mountains, a collection of peaks in northern Ethiopia, when I heard rustling coming from a thicket of tall grass. Seconds later, a troop of... Read more »

Gelada Monkey Army Raids Ethiopian Harvest – Human Planet: Mountains, preview – BBC One In the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, a harvest is under attack from a ravenous enemy. Twelve year old Dereje steps up to defend his crops from the cunning Gelada monkeys. Read more »