VOA reporter Peter and Heinlein Simeginesh Mekoya

VOA Reporter Peter Heinlein and Translator Released

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian authorities briefly detained a journalist for Voice of America (VOA) and his translator as he covered a dispute between Muslims and the government in the capital Addis... Read more »

Proxy War Leads Tension Between Ethiopia, Eritrea

Ethiopia’s military strike against targets in Eritrea last week has opened a new phase on the proxy war the Horn of Africa neighbors have been waging for more than a decade.  Attention... Read more »

Eritrea says Ethiopian attack won’t trick us to war

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA, March 16 (Reuters) – Eritrea said on Friday an attack by Ethiopian forces inside its territory was provocative but would not “entrap” it, signalling reluctance to be... Read more »

Ethiopia : Government charges 24 with terrorism

ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopian authorities charged 24 people with terrorism offenses Thursday including an opposition politician and a journalist, a government spokesman said. “They are accused under the anti-terrorism law of being... Read more »

Ethiopia uses anti-terror laws to silence critical journalists

The Ethiopian government is using sweeping anti-terror laws to crack down on journalists critical of the regime. In the last three months, six journalists have been imprisoned, according to the New York-based... Read more »

ANALYSIS-Ethiopian detentions target weak opposition

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA, (Reuters) – When Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling party was re-elected in 2010, analysts said he could take two paths: give the opposition scope to grow... Read more »

Ethiopia:Gov’t Forces Arrested 5 People Including Eskinder Nega and Andualem Aragie

Two fierce critics of Ethiopia’s ruling party have joined a growing list of government opponents detained in recent days under a new anti-terrorism law. The latest to be arrested are a journalist... Read more »

Artist Debebe Eshetu Arrested Over Alleged Links to Banned Group Ginbot 7

Ethiopian authorities arrested actor Debebe Eshetu on allegations he has links to the banned Ginbot 7 group, said Shimeles Kemal, minister of state in the Communications Ministry. After being “closely” monitored, Debebe... Read more »
Shimeles Kemal

Ethiopia: Government says arrested 29 people for terrorism

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The Ethiopian government says it has detained 29 people, including several opposition members, across the country on terrorism-related charges. Government spokesman Shimeles Kemal said Monday that police have “solid... Read more »

Ethiopia Says It Has Evidence That Egypt Supported Rebel Movements

Ethiopia has evidence that Egypt recently aided rebel movements in the country, said the State Minister for Communications, Shimeles Kemal. The allegation of Egyptian support for outlawed Ethiopian groups was first made... Read more »