Ethiopians at recruitment office

Saudi Arabia Wants Thousands of Ethiopian Housemaids Every Month

Recruits from Ethiopia are being considered to fill the gap that will be left by Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. According to Yahya Hassan Al-Maqbool, head of the recruitment... Read more »

Ethiopian housemaid accused of murdering her sponsor’s wife and daughter to test psychiatric

The Ethiopian housemaid accused of murdering her sponsor’s wife and daughter in Ras Al Khaimaih would go through a psychiatric test as requested by her lawyer. The accused would be transferred to... Read more »

IOM Resumes Evacuation of Stranded Ethiopian from Yemen

International Office of Migration is resuming evacuations of irregular Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen in appalling conditions. The operation, funded by the UN’s Humanitarian Response Fund in Addis Ababa, plans to help... Read more »
ethiopian refugees stranded in yemen

Ethiopian Deportees from Yemen Arrive Anxious and Unhappy

Ethiopian deportees from Middle Eastern countries, 60 of whom came from Yemen, arrived at Bole International Airport on Monday, April 4, 2011, after escaping the economic crisis and political unrest in the... Read more »

Arabic become the first non-Latin script to be used as an Internet domain name

Internet addresses written in Arabic were live on the Internet on Thursday, making history as the first online domains in non-Latin characters. “For the first time in the history of the Internet,... Read more »