The Tragic Death of 28 Ethiopians and U. S. Ethiopia Policy – Opinion

The Tragic Death of 28 Ethiopians and U. S. Ethiopia Policy By Daniel Teferra On April 19, 2015, a violent, extremist group disclosed its video of the gruesome killing of 28 innocent... Read more »

Letter from an Ethiopian prison

Dear John Kerry, I first came to know about you back in 2004, during the US presidential election, when you were running for office against George Bush. At just 17 years old... Read more »

Ethiopia: Ethiopian exiles: Rise as a Hero, End with a Zero?

Ethiopian exiles: Rise as a Hero, End with a Zero? By Eyassu Lebenu I, myself, being one of a former bureaucrat in one of the TPLF led regime political institution I found... Read more »

Ethiopia-Eritrea: The Great Illusion

Ethiopia-Eritrea: The Great Illusion By Worku Abera Part I: The Politics of Reconciliation? In an interview with two ESAT journalists that was posted on YouTube last month, Isaias Afwerki raises the possibility... Read more »

Is Violent Change Inevitable in Ethiopia?

As the Ethiopian government intensifies its violent suppression of the populace in the lead up to the illusion of national elections in May, there are many within the country and the diaspora... Read more »

Crimes Against Womanity: Marriage by Abduction in Ethiopia

By alemayehu g Mariam The truth is stranger than fiction In my September 7 commentary, DIFRET: The Abduction of a Film in Ethiopia, I expressed my outrage over the aborted Ethiopian premiere of the... Read more »

In Ethiopia, a stranglehold on freedom

When Secretary of State John F. Kerry traveled to Ethiopia last year, he met a young blogger named Natnael Feleke. When he returned a few months ago, Kerry found that Feleke, along... Read more »

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia vow to join armed struggle

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle May 21, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – Thousands of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia on Wednesday vowed to take up arms and join opposition forces in the struggle to remove the... Read more »
Former Derg officials

Ethiopia releases former junta Derg officials

Senior former officials of the military regime who have been sentenced to death by Ethiopian court for genocide crime against humanity have been pardoned after almost 21 years imprisonment and the public... Read more »