Sudanese Students Stage Anti-Government Protests, Clash with Police

Sudanese police clashed with students Sunday as anti-government protests broke out in the capital, Khartoum. Hundreds of students took part in the protests, shouting slogans that criticized high prices, the government, and... Read more »

Police and protesters clashed in Cairo, The people demand the fall of the regime! (Video)

Young, web savvy fight for Egypt against Mubarak They are young, street smart and their pride at being Egyptian trumps any religious loyalty. They have mobilized behind a single aim: the toppling... Read more »
Facebook and Twitter at the front line in Egypt protest

Facebook and Twitter at the front line in Egypt protest (Video)

(CNN) — As in Tunisia, the protest movement in Egypt is taking advantage of social media to communicate, inform and organize. Despite attempts to block Twitter, Facebook and other sites (the government... Read more »

US urges a peaceful protest in Egypt (Video)

PJ Crowley, the spokesman for the US state department, has been talking to Al Jazeera about the recent protests in Egypt and Tunisia. He says the US supports social reform and more... Read more »

Ethiopian Airlines employees protest on salary increment

By Kaleyesus Bekele Employees of Ethiopian Airlines protested against the recent salary increment made by the management of the company to all the employees. At the annual staff meeting held on Tuesday... Read more »

Ethiopians Protest and Support Meles Zenawi at Columbia University ( VIDEO)

LIVE REPORT FROM THE SPEECH By Thomas Rhiel and Ben Cotton We’re coming at you live from the highly-contested, protested, and counter-protested Zenawi speech in Roone Arledge. Keep checking back for updates.... Read more »

Protest against Meles Zenawi at G 20 summit Canada

KITCHENER – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is a repressive dictator who shouldn’t be allowed to visit Canada and participate in the G20 summit this weekend, says an Ethiopian-born Kitchener man. Semou... Read more »
Gibe III dam protesters in Italy

Protest targets Italian government over Ethiopian dam disaster

Demonstrators outside the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome today will urge the government to deny Ethiopia €250 million for construction of the controversial Gibe III dam. The dam will devastate... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Accuses Opposition of Planning Violence

Ethiopian government says opposition wants poll violence By Barry Malone Reuters Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – The Ethiopian opposition may provoke violence during the first national elections since a... Read more »