Ethiopia’s Move to End Border Stalemate Could Bring Change in Eritrea

WASHINGTON —  In a surprise announcement, Ethiopia has promised to implement an international court’s decision resolving a border dispute with Eritrea. The move could end an 18-year stalemate and... Read more »

CNN Christiane Amanpour Asked Tedros Adhanom if They Listen What Obama Told Them in Private

(AddisNews) – While President Barack Obama in Addis Ababa for his historical visit he praised the country development, fighting terrorism and relationship and cooperation with the United States. Obama... Read more »

Government Bans Feteh Newspaper After Stories on Meles Illness, Protests

(Bloomberg) – An Ethiopian court banned distribution of a newspaper that published front-page articles about Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s health and protests by Muslims in the capital, Addis Ababa,... Read more »

Swedish Journalists’ Terror Trial Opens in Ethiopia

It was standing room only Tuesday as a three-judge federal panel began hearing the case of Swedish journalists charged with terrorism by Ethiopian authorities after being arrested with members... Read more »

Ethiopian journalist blames plight on WikiLeaks

He says he’s shocked and saddened, but mainly amazed by the sudden turn of events: Ethiopian journalist Argaw Ashine has been on an emotional rollercoaster since his rapid flight... Read more »

Two Swedish Journalists Charged With Terrorism in Ethiopia

Ethiopia charged two Swedish journalists with terrorism after detaining them in July with rebels in the Ogaden region, State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal said. Johan Persson and Martin... Read more »

CNN featured Ethiopian Jailed Journalist Dawit Kebede (Video)

Jailed journalist: ‘I will never hesitate from criticizing’ CNN international highlight Ethiopian journalist Dawit Kebede on the weekly African voices edition. (CNN) — Sharing a communal cell with 350... Read more »

Journalists: Government Hijacked Press Freedom Day Conference

An Ethiopian observance of World Press Freedom Day was marred Tuesday by a walkout of independent journalists after a dispute with a rival group of state-run media employees. It... Read more »

Ethiopia: Bereket Simon denies jamming German radio service

Deutsche Welle says blocked since April 6 Govt denies blocking signal of “marginal player” By Barry Malone ADDIS ABABA, April 10 (Reuters) – Ethiopia denied on Sunday it was... Read more »

Sub-Saharan Africa censors Mideast protests (Blog)

Mohamed Keita/CPJ Africa Advocacy Coordinator: As news of  Middle Eastern and North African protests swirl around the globe, satellite television and the Internet prove vital sources of information for... Read more »