Ethiopian parliament approves amnesty for political prisoners

Ethiopia’s parliament has passed an amnesty for thousands of political prisoners, thousands of whom have been freed in recent months. Since assuming office in April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has... Read more »

Eritrea-Ethiopia peace is good news for Africa | Eritrea

Diplomats from Ethiopia and Eritrea are calling it a “joint declaration of peace and friendship” but that innocuous name is masking what may be one of the most important... Read more »

Abiy Ahmed a ‘painkiller, not a cure’ for Ethiopia’s problems

Photos of Abiy appear on the numerous tricycles that clog the one-lane tarmac road in Ginchi [Hamza Mohamed/Al Jazeera] by Hamza Mohamed | Al Jazeera   Ginchi, Ethiopia –... Read more »

“I am here to be added.” Ambassador Kassa Kebede in Ethiopia

borkenaJune 30, 2018 Ambassador Kassa Kebede was one of the most influential figures during colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s seventeen-year administration. Among other things, he has served as a minister for... Read more »

Ethiopia set to remove 3 armed groups from terror list

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia’s cabinet has passed a resolution to remove three armed groups from a terror list as part of sweeping reforms under a new prime... Read more »

Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea to Meet Soon, Ministry Says

The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea will meet soon, Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry said, the latest sign of thawing relations between the Horn of Africa nations at odds since a... Read more »

Ethiopia’s speaker Muferihat Kamil is elected chairperson of ruling … – africanews

africanews Ethiopia’s speaker Muferihat Kamil is elected chairperson of ruling …africanewsThe speaker of Ethiopia’s parliament, Muferihat Kamil has been elected as chairperson of the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement... Read more »

What next for Ethiopia after grenade attack at PM’s rally? | Ethiopia News

Tens of thousands of people descended in Addis Ababa’s Meskel square on Saturday morning in a massive show of support for Abiy Ahmed, the new, reformist prime minister of Ethiopia. Dressed... Read more »

Admitting guilt in Ethiopia: Towards a truth and reconciliation commission?

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed admits there have been widespread human rights violations by the government during the EPRDF’s tenure. What will be the consequences of this admission of... Read more »

Abiy Ahmed pulls off an astonishing turnaround for Ethiopia – Washington Post Editorial

Washington Post – SIX MONTHS ago, Ethi­o­pia appeared trapped in a cycle of unrest, repression and more unrest. Stability in East Africa’s largest country, with a population of more... Read more »