Week-long riots in southern Ethiopia leave 15 dead: media – Xinhua

ADDIS ABABA, June 16 (Xinhua) — A week of riots in various parts of Ethiopia’s Southern regional state has left 15 people dead, a regional official said on Saturday.... Read more »

The outrageous racism that ‘graced’ Arab TV screens in Ramadan | Arts & Culture

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are meant to abstain from food, drinks, smoking, sexual activity and offensive language. Understandably, during this month, TV broadcasters across the Arab... Read more »

Ethiopia: Abusive police unit must be stopped

Responding to reports that Ethiopia’s notorious Liyu police unit committed another round of unlawful killings, that may amount to extrajudicial executions, claiming at least 14 lives over the weekend,... Read more »

Ethiopia: Unsung Hero of Ethiopian Modern Music

By Alem Hailu Gebre Kristos Without a shadow of a doubt, people from all walks of life fight back with the purpose of leading a meaningful life. Heartbreakingly, they... Read more »

Ethiopia: What US$280 million can do – Ethiopia

At least 7.9 million people need humanitarian assistance accross Ethiopia because of drought, disease outbreaks, loss of livestock, and displacement due to an upsurge in violence along the border... Read more »

Ethiopia Announces Peace Deal With Eritrea : NPR

Ethiopia’s Parliament announced an early end to a state of emergency and then the ruling party decided to unilaterally, and without any conditions, accept a peace deal with its... Read more »

UN threatens to consider arms embargo on South Sudan | South Sudan News

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution that threatens an arms embargo on South Sudan and sanctions against six people if fighting doesn’t stop by June 30. The US-sponsored resolution passed... Read more »

Ethiopia: Police unit unlawfully killing people must be stopped

The Ethiopian government must immediately withdraw and disband the Liyu police unit of the Somali regional state, whose members are unlawfully killing people in neighbouring Oromia region, Amnesty International... Read more »

Ethiopia’s scheme to help the poor is setting an example

TSIDE ZEWIDE has lived in the shadow of the national palace in Addis Ababa for more than 50 years. Since her husband died four years ago the 73-year-old has... Read more »

Deadly road accidents in Eritrea, Ethiopia claims over 50 lives

Over fifty people were killed in Ethiopia and Eritrea in car accidents early this week. In the case of Ethiopia, the privately-owned Addis Standard portal reported that about 24... Read more »