Peacekeepers from 10 African Countries Receiving Training in … – Reliefweb

Peacekeepers from 10 African Countries Receiving Training in …ReliefwebEthiopia is one the key players in enhancing regional security and a leading contributor to the peace keeping operations in African Union and the... Read more »

Ethiopian Peacekeepers Died Because Sudan Refused Flight to Hospital

The United Nations says three Ethiopian peacekeepers died while Sudan refused to allow them to be flown to a hospital. U.N. peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roi told reporters Thursday the peacekeepers were... Read more »
Ethiopian peacekeepers killed in South sudan

4 Ethiopian Peacekeepers Killed in South Sudan 7 Injured

(CNN) — Four United Nations peacekeepers were killed Tuesday in Sudan’s contested region of Abyei when a landmine exploded during a patrol, the United Nations said. Seven more persons were injured, the... Read more »

UN clears Ethiopia for Abyei peacekeeper troops deployment

It took the United Nations Security Council just five minutes to unanimously agree to send 4,200 Ethiopian troops to the disputed Sudanese region of Abyei as a peacekeeping force. Security Council resolution... Read more »
Ethiopia offers peacekeepers to sudan

Ethiopia offeres to send peacekeepers to Sudan

Ethiopia has offered to send peacekeepers to Sudan’s disputed border region of Abyei after its recent seizure by northern troops. Analysts have feared the Abyei dispute could reignite the civil war between... Read more »