Ethiopia is at the precipice

Never have the stakes in Ethiopia been so high – political tensions are at a knife-edge, and the future stability of the country and its prospects for development hang in the balance.... Read more »

Ethiopia’s TPLF must fix its disease, not symptoms

Sebhat Nega, considered the Godfather of TPLF By Teshome M. Borago After over 2 years of courageous Ethiopian protests and thousands of innocent lives lost, the TPLF ruling party has thrown crumbs... Read more »

Ethiopia is spying on Oromo opposition members using Israeli commercial spyware — Quartz

Ethiopia’s government has been doubling down on its efforts to surveil its critics, bringing the long arm of the state into the foreground and its resolve to sabotage opposition figures and media... Read more »

Are Ethiopian protests a game changer?

Image copyrightReuters Political protests which have swept through Ethiopia are a major threat to the country’s secretive government, writes former BBC Ethiopia correspondent Elizabeth Blunt. For the past five years Ethiopia has... Read more »

Oromo nationalism on the rise in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Aslan Hasan, a student belonging to the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia, was called either a guilt-ridden terrorist who committed suicide or an innocent victim of brutal state... Read more »

OLF Changed its Mission. No More struggle for Independence from Ethiopia

OLF  one of Ethiopian government opposition group that well known for its mission to get independent for Oromia region from Ethiopia released a press statement after holding a 2 days meeting in... Read more »
Ethiopian federal police

Ethiopia Accused of Detaining Activists in Oromia to Deter Uprising

Peter Heinlein:VOA Ethiopia has detained dozens of political activists as part of what opposition groups say is a crackdown aimed at preventing a North African or Middle Eastern style popular uprising. Our... Read more »