Ethiopia: Agriculture Sector HDRP Monthly Dashboard (May 2018) – Ethiopia

Among the total 216 priority one woredas, 187 of them are prioritized as priority one for the Agriculture cluster as well. In this priority one areas it is likely that further deterioration... Read more »

Meet one of the first Colorado transplants from Ethiopia

Here at 9NEWS, we are well aware of how fortunate we are to call Colorado home. In fact, Colorado is becoming home to more people than ever – it’s well-known that many... Read more »

The Quandary of Ethiopia’s Bicephalic Government

Prod Mesay Kebede By Messay Kebede In posted interviews and write-ups as well as in informal discussions, the debate is raging between supporters and detractors of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Among the... Read more »

An Artist Is Helping Incubate More Resilient and Fertile Chickens for Ethiopia

An Ethiopian chicken farmer, and one of the beneficiaries of a new project involving artist Koen Vanmechelen. (all images courtesy of the International Livestock Research Institute, unless indicated otherwise) Very often, artists... Read more »

Taste-testing Ethiopia’s first Pizza Hut | News | Africa

Simon Allison in Addis Ababa Addis Ababa is no stranger to a good knock-off. The Intercontinental, one of the best-known hotels in the city, has absolutely nothing to do with the international... Read more »

Ethiopian Premier Puts Ally in Defense to Address Insecurity

Ethiopia’s new prime minister named a political ally as defense minister as he seeks to address two years of insecurity that prompted his predecessor’s resignation two months ago. Motuma Mekessa’s switch to... Read more »

Bomb blast in Ethiopia kills 3, Oromia region blames Ethio-Somali militia

A grenade explosion in the Ethiopian town of Moyale, has killed three persons and left scores wounded. Local media portals confirmed that the attack occured near a bus station. Moyale is located... Read more »

Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression

In the Afar region of northern Ethiopia, lies a vast, tortured, desert plain called the Danakil Depression. Danakil lies about 410 ft (125 m) below sea level, and is one of the... Read more »

This former Ethiopian music star is getting a late-life encore in the U.S.

Jeffrey Brown: So, Mergia was ready when musical fortune struck. A producer named Brian Shimkovitz, who specializes in African music, found a cassette tape of one of his old albums in a... Read more »

Neamin Zeleke: ‘We don’t want a civil war in Ethiopia’

Well said!!! No sane country loving non-Woyane Ethiopians ever want civil war!!! My friends, every Ethiopian is intermixed more than we know, either by blood or marriage!! My family history is one... Read more »