Kin of Kenyan jailed in Ethiopia appeal for help

Family of a Kenyans who was arrested and imprisoned in Ethiopia over allegations of  telecommunications fraud is appealing for help from the government to bring their loved ones home.... Read more »

where living treasures thrive among ancient attractions

We could not see the ark because no one is allowed to enter the small chapel that reputedly houses it — not even the man who is selected to... Read more »

Ethiopia: Ancient churches, mysterious towers and Lucy

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia has always held me in thrall. It is a cradle of prehistoric humankind. It embraced Christianity long before the missionaries arrived. Its people carved... Read more »

Ethiopia: The Failures of the regime and the way forward

TPLF/EPRDF By Addissu Admas The TPLF has been so far somewhat successful, at least among its Western supporters, in promoting the notion that all opposition to it started and... Read more »

Ethiopia to Release Political Prisoners in Attempt to Ease Unrest

In a bid to quell a rising tide of unrest in East Africa’s most-populous country and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Ethiopia said it would release thousands of... Read more »

Ethiopia’s ruling party, EPRDF, opts for more authoritarianism to tackle anti-authoritarian protests

(OPride)—In a lengthy statement on Dec. 29, the 36-person Executive Committee of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) congratulated itself claiming Ethiopia’s growing woes are the outcome... Read more »

Ethiopia: Crisis in the land of the economic miracle | Africa | DW

Journalist Martin Plaut considers this to be the beginning of the problems facing modern Ethiopia. “The TPLF and Meles Zenawi were never prepared to allow democracy and real federalism,” he... Read more »

Travel: Ethiopia – Paul Gains discovers an abundance of extraordinary wildlife in the Simien Mountains

TWILIGHT had enveloped the Simien Mountains, high up on the roof of Africa, when a series of high-pitched screams pierced the cold night air. The din increased. Shifting position... Read more »

Ethiopia repatriates over 14,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia in one month – Xinhua

ADDIS ABABA, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian government on Thursday said it has repatriated over 14,000 undocumented citizens residing in Saudi Arabia over the past month. Meles Alem,... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression gives clues — Quartz

The Danakil Depression, including the Dallol volcanic area is one of the most remote, inhospitable and poorly studied areas in the world. They are both found in the Afar... Read more »