Ethiopia: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Tigray Region, Round 9: January – February 2018 – Summary of key findings – Ethiopia

TIGRAY REGION – KEY FINDINGS LOCATION AND CAUSE OF DISPLACEMENT: 22,488 displaced individuals comprising 7,941 households in 60 displacement sites were identified in Tigray region. These figures represent an increase of 1,736... Read more »

Hailu Mergia: the Ethiopian jazz legend who jams in his taxi | Music

On a Monday afternoon, Hailu Mergia is driving through the suburbs of Washington DC, his laminated cabby licence tacked to the back of his seat. It’s rare that one of his customers... Read more »

Ethiopia: Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day Factor for Local, Regional Integration

editorial Ethiopia is home to 79 nations, nationalities and peoples. As it lies in the center of the region it also comprises people of the same ethnicity that lie both inside it... Read more »

Ethiopia: Oldies Swagger, Newbies Stutter

opinion By Abraham Negussie Ethiopian music has always been a case of individual excellence more than institutional effort. From the Ethiopian music’s king of kings, the late Tilahun Gesesse, to the crown... Read more »

Rock-hewn churches mark old ‘new Jerusalem’ in Ethiopia

Young deacons in training inside the churches north of the Jordan River.  (Tim Johnson)   Priests converse in a courtyard at Biete Medhane Alem.  (Tim Johnson)   A woman prays near the entrance to the UNESCO... Read more »

In Ethiopia, feeding hyenas is a tourist attraction, Africa News & Top Stories

HARAR, ETHIOPIA (REUTERS) – Hyenas roam the streets of the ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia every night, seeking scraps of meat to drag to the nearby caves. But residents... Read more »

Onyango warns Sundowns of poor pitch in Ethiopia at his old club‚ Saint George

“And we must try as much as possible to minimise mistakes at the back because the pitch is not that good‚ which is going to be an advantage for them. “We have... Read more »

ኣንደበተ-ርቱእኣዊ ኣነጋገሮች (ክፍል ፫)፦ ኣሳሳቢው የኢትዮጵያውያን ጉራማይሌ እና መፍትሄው

only old timer worried about ጉራማይሌ// any language must adopt and grow what would u say cellphone …even American English took a lot of thing from French and Italian that is how... Read more »

Ethiopian refugee living in Edmonton takes his own story to the big screen

Zekarias Mesfin CBC – As Zekarias Mesfin traversed the Sahara Desert on foot, he held on to the hope that he was slowly trudging towards a better life. Born in Ethiopia, he was... Read more »

Meet isolated tribes in Ethiopia, take a working vacation on a ranch and more – Chicago Tribune

Intrepid travelers tired of the same old, same old can cross an off-the-radar destination off their list with the Isolated Tribes of Ethiopia trip from Adventure Life. The trip focuses on the... Read more »