Ethiopia opens airline and telecoms to private, international investors | News

Ethiopia is opening key economic sectors, including the state-owned Ethiopian Airlines and state-run telecoms, to local and international private investors. The privatization drive comes at a time when Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest... Read more »

Papua New Guinea to ban Facebook for a month | News

Papua New Guinea (PNG) will ban Facebook for a month while the government identifies fake accounts and attempts to block fake news. Communications Minister Sam Basil said on Wednesday the one-month shutdown would “allow... Read more »

Ethiopia says Saudi Arabia to free 1,000 detained citizens | News

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia says more than 1,000 of its citizens will be released from detention centers in Saudi Arabia after a request by new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Crown... Read more »

Ethiopia is now Africa’s fastest growing economy | News

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populated country, is forecast to be the fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa this year, according to new data from the IMF. Ethiopia’s economy is predicted to grow... Read more »

Opposition faction agrees to join South Sudan’s ruling party | News

An opposition faction controlled by South Sudan‘s first vice president has said it will join the country’s ruling party. Taban Deng Gai said on Monday that the political opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Movement –... Read more »

Ethiopia raises cry for Britain to return ‘looted’ artifacts | News

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The hair of a long-dead emperor and an intricate golden crown are among the artifacts Ethiopia’s government is demanding to be returned from British government institutions and private... Read more »

US ‘locked and loaded’ if Syria uses chemical weapons again | News

The United States has warned it “is locked and loaded” to strike Syria if there are any more chemical attacks, hours after more than 100 bombs targeted facilities in Damascus and Homs... Read more »

Abiy Ahmed elected as chairman of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition | News

Ethiopia‘s ruling coalition has elected Abiy Ahmed as its new chairman, according to state media. The announcement on Tuesday by state broadcaster FANA means that Ahmed, who hails from the Oromo ethnic group, is... Read more »

He owns much of Ethiopia. The Saudis won’t say where they’re keeping him. | News

He supplies coffee to Starbucks. He owns much of Ethiopia. And he is known as “Sheikh Mo” in the Clintons’ circle. But the gilded life of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi took... Read more »

Ethiopian-Israelis decry family separation as discriminatory | News

JERUSALEM — Zemenech Bililin has not seen her sisters in more than a decade, since she immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia with part of her family. Now a 19-year-old infantry soldier in... Read more »