Murder of women’s rights advocate Tayasir Omar-Food provokes anger and protests in Ethiopia’s Somali region

(OPride)—The alleged murder of a young activist in the city of Kabri Dahar, 800km southeast of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has provoked outrage and protests in the increasingly tense... Read more »

A Man Arrested for Killing Ethiopian Girl Saba Girmai After 28 Years

Twenty-eight years after a strangled Santa Clara County woman’s body was found tossed into a supermarket dumpster, a Fresno man was charged Monday in a case that broke because... Read more »

Police may be close to solving Ethiopian couple’s murder

Police may be close to solving Ethiopian restaurant owner couple’s murder – Reward retracted DALLAS -Just a few hours after a local business offered a $10,000 reward to help... Read more »

Ethiopian Housemaid to be executed for killing sponsor and her baby

Ethiopian woman stabbed mum 117 times after being in job for one week Ras Al Khaimah: The Cassation Court of Ras Al Khaimah has upheld the death sentence imposed... Read more »

Coventry ring road bridge murderer ‘had been deported three times’

AN illegal immigrant who pushed his former lover to her death from a bridge on Coventry’s ring road had already been deported three times. Yonas Beraki, 33, had returned... Read more »

UAE: Sponser finds Ethiopian driver murdered at home

Sharjah: Police have started investigating the mysterious killing of a domestic worker who was found dead at home on Sunday with his head smashed. A police source told Gulf... Read more »

Ali Mohammad DC9 Murder Case Officially Closed, No Criminal Charges filed

No one involved in the incident outside the DC9 nightclub will face criminal charges and authorities have closed the investigation into the 2010 death. The U.S. Attorney’s office announced... Read more »

An Arab man gets three years for murder Ethiopian girl

An Abu Dhabi court sentenced an Arab man for three years in prison after he was convicted of murdering an Ethiopian woman, rescinding an earlier death sentence by another... Read more »

Ethiopian clerk murdered in Denver moved to U.S. for “a better life”

Two masked robbers ended an immigrant’s dream of a better life Monday night, Denver police said. Two suspects wearing masks and dark clothing entered the Monaco Grocery at 6622... Read more »

A man killed his wife in UK because she refused to have sex

A Buckinghamshire man has been jailed for murdering his wife two days after she arrived in the UK because she refused to have sex with him. Naimo Moalin, 31,... Read more »