The Cruel Political Jokes of the T-TPLF in Ethiopia

By Alemayehu G. Mariam The Voice of America (Amharic) last week reported “16 Ethiopian opposition political parties agreed to discuss the anti-terrorism and other proclamations and 13 other agenda points including communications,... Read more »

Ethiopia: PM Stumbles As He Attempts to Fill Shoes of Meles Zenawi – Ethiopia: PM Stumbles As He Attempts to Fill Shoes of Meles ZenawiAllAfrica.comExpectations were low when the current prime minister of Ethiopia was installed into office. After the era of leadership of... Read more »

Ethiopia: ESAT are trying to make noise from their graves

Addis Ababa (HAN) January 2, 2015 – Expert Analysis, Your Power Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by. Daniel Solomon.  The dead and decayed enemies of Ethiopia are trying to make noise from their... Read more »

Ethiopian pilot defects to Eritrea in helicopter – state media

Hello! Who matches Ethiopians when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot, humiliating their own country and their own people? How on earth can arming ‘Eritrea’ by ferrying in armed fighter... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi: Legacies, memories, histories

August 20 marked the second anniversary of the death of Ethiopia’s long-time leader, Meles Zenawi. Two years on, the Zenawi phenomenon is still as divisive as it is unsettling. For his supporters,... Read more »

Ethiopia’s new leadership is practising hero-worship – The Economist

DURING his two decades running Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi almost single-handedly engineered its rise from lost cause to model pupil. Even his enemies admit he was both popular and competent. Often working around... Read more »

FBI Unfoils a Plot to Kill Journalist Abebe Gelaw : ESAT TV

According to the Ethiopian Satelite Television (ESAT) report a Boston branch of FBI unfoils a plot to kill journalist Abebe Gelaw. A plot led by a man named Geush Abera and his... Read more »

Power vacuum fears engulf Ethiopia : AlJazeera video

The death of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has created fears of a “power vacuum” in the Horn of Africa nation. Analysts warn that stability in the region depends on a peaceful... Read more »

ESAT TPLF Suporter with ESAT & Public reaction September 2012 – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world Read more »

Prof. Ephrem Issac’s remark on the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi death

Prof. Ephrem Issac’s remark on the prime minister Meles Zenawi death and the fate of Political prisoners in Ethiopia.’s Dawit Kebede talk to Professor Ephrem. Watch the Video Read more »