Protesters Demand Ethiopia Cancel Al-Amoudi’s Gold-Mine Permit

FILE – Demonstrators gather in the Ethiopian town of Shakiso to oppose MIDROC gold mining operations in February 2016. They contend chemicals used in mining jeopardize public health. (Courtesy... Read more »

Cardano and Ethiopian Government to Introduce Agritech Blockchain

The Ethiopian government has recently struck a deal with Cardano (ADA) to work together on finding ways to use blockchain technology to improve the agritech industry. The collaboration will... Read more »

Mining Firm’s License Renewal Fuels Protests in Ethiopia

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in at least a dozen southern Ethiopian towns this week to protest the federal government’s renewal of a license for a mining company... Read more »

Ethiopia: Factors Testing Development of Domestic Metal Engineering

By Esseye Mengste The major constraints for metal and metal products industry can be broadly categorized into policy technical, institutional, and environmental aspects. Despite the long history of iron... Read more »

Ethiopia: Pharmaceutical Industries for Improved Medical Facility Supply

By Yohanes Jemaneh Ethiopian government nurturing pharmaceutical industry to meet local demand. The national pharmaceutical industries have increased in number through time. Today, Ethiopia has about 24 pharmaceutical manufacturers.... Read more »

Taste-testing Ethiopia’s first Pizza Hut | News | Africa

Simon Allison in Addis Ababa Addis Ababa is no stranger to a good knock-off. The Intercontinental, one of the best-known hotels in the city, has absolutely nothing to do... Read more »

Ethiopian businesses disappointed by new PM’s economic stance

Ethiopia has let foreign companies such as fashion chain H&M set up factories in a decade-long push to change the economic focus from agriculture exports, such as coffee,... Read more »

Ethiopia Signs $600M Loan, Grant Deal With World Bank

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA —  The World Bank agreed on a $600 million loan and grant for Ethiopia on Tuesday to pay for roads and other infrastructure in urban areas.... Read more »

Inside Bale Mountains Park, Ethiopia’s nature reserve where wolves and honey badgers roam

At first it’s a speck on the landscape, a barely tangible tangerine blur beyond tufts of alpine shrubs. I try not to get too excited. My first wolf sighting... Read more »

Ethiopia: Pioneering Handmade Silk Garment in Ethiopia

opinion By Mussa Muhammad Kathy Marshall, a Canadian by birth but a twenty-year veteran of Ethiopia, founded an original silk garment processing company in 2004 which she still leads... Read more »