Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression gives clues — Quartz

The Danakil Depression, including the Dallol volcanic area is one of the most remote, inhospitable and poorly studied areas in the world. They are both found in the Afar Region of Ethiopia... Read more »

Traveling Ethiopia Taught Me To Appreciate Its Heritage

Ethiopia, my beautiful chaos. Walking through colourful markets, I smell leather, brilliant white cotton, coffee and a sea of vibrant beads inspired by tribes that made our country what it is today.... Read more »

From Ethiopia To Utopia: A Remarkable Journey in Music and in Love – a memoir by Jean-Paul Vignon

Jean-Paul Vignon’s memoir, From Ethiopia to Utopia: A Remarkable Journey in Music and in Love, is a charming, entertaining, and even occasionally educational, read which any fan of Old Hollywood, the Mad-Man... Read more »

UNHCR – Italian project offers path to hope for vulnerable refugees in Ethiopia

By Diana Diaz in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  |  08 December 2017 Twelve-year-old Somali refugee Barwako (in pink coat) is heading for Italy where her family hopes she can get treatment for a skin disease... Read more »

Indigenous tribes in rural Ethiopia captured on camera

French photographer Eric Lafforgue has captured some stunning photography during a trip to rural Ethiopia. While there, he spent time with indigenous tribespeople, catching a glimpse into their culture and way of... Read more »

Dutch prosecutors demand life for Ethiopian war crimes suspect

The Hague – In a rare move, Dutch prosecutors on Wednesday called for a Dutch-Ethiopian national to be jailed for life for “an atrocious campaign” of war crimes during Ethiopia’s “Red Terror”... Read more »

UNHCR – New Ethiopia policy helps refugees legally document life events

By Diana Diaz   |  03 November 2017   |  Français South Sudanese refugee Ariat Ochocka Odulla with her 18 day-old son Angakuny. Angakuny was amongst the first refugee children to receive a birth certificate in... Read more »

Wider image: Life after death for the ‘Love Bug’ in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – At Kinfe Abera’s garage in Addis Ababa, cranky, 50-year-old Volkswagen Beetles enjoy a kind of life after death; their parts are never discarded but re-used to keep the... Read more »

‘They started to burn our houses’: Ethnic strife in Ethiopia threatens a key U.S. ally

ADAMA, Ethi­o­pia — A largely hidden war in remote areas of Ethiopia has killed hundreds of people, displaced more than 100,000 others and raised the specter of ethnic cleansing, potentially destabilizing an... Read more »

Ethiopia: Breast Cancer Replaces Cervical Cancer As Top Women Illness in Ethiopia

By Tsegaye Tilahun Breast cancer is becoming the most prevalent illness among women in Ethiopia replacing cervical cancer, says specialist in the field. Dr. Bogale Solomon , specialist in cancer treatment and... Read more »