Faith & Footprints: Bet Giyorgis, The Church of St. George, Ethiopia

Bet Giyorgis, The Church of St. George, Ethiopia The Church of Saint George, also known as Bete Giyorgis, is one of 11 rock-carved monolithic churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Bete Giyorgis is the... Read more »

BBC – Travel – The last beekeepers of Ethiopia’s Harenna Forest

The sun was beginning its evening dip as I set off into the Harenna Forest. Strange tubular shapes glowed in the treetops, catching the pale golden light. Wedged between branches, they looked... Read more »

A Trip Through the Stunning, Rock-Hewed Churches of Ethiopia

I found the tour to be well worthwhile. Not having to use mental bandwidth fretting about transportation, especially when traveling alone, is invaluable. Was it all seamless? Not quite. After a gorgeous,... Read more »

BBC – Travel – Ethiopia’s miraculous underground churches

I have always questioned God’s existence, but in the northern Ethiopian town of Lalibela, I was presented with fairly substantial evidence. Officially Christian since 330AD, Ethiopia claims to be the oldest Christian... Read more »

Visit to Ethiopia reveals biblical mysteries – Winnipeg Free Press

In 2017, Protestants are marking the 500th anniversary of Reformation. It seems like a big deal, until you visit Ethiopia and meet members of a church that traces its origins as far... Read more »

10 Things You Must Experience in Ethiopia

Ethiopia imbeds cross-cultural civilizations from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Gifted with unique historical wonders and pleasant hospitality, Ethiopia offers adventurous exploration opportunities. Ethiopia’s landscape and weather conditions makes... Read more »

Christmas in Ethiopia: it comes but twice a year

Before dawn, our guide Sefiwe was waiting for our little group to gather. In the darkness, we joined the flocks of white-robed pilgrims and made our way towards the rock-hewn church of... Read more »

Ancient rock churches put Ethiopia back on tourist map

Kiya Gezahegne joined an unruly, jostling throng surrounding a priest who wielded a 12th-century gold and bronze cross, one of the most sacred artefacts in Ethiopia. A young man shut his eyes... Read more »

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“Welcome to the birthplace of mankind and coffee!” proclaimed my Peace Corps invitation, touting two of my favorite things. So, naturally, I was happy with my volunteer placement. After living and working... Read more »