Ethiopia: A luta continua The Struggle Continues

Ethiopia: A luta continua The Struggle Continues Ethiopia shall overcome By Yilma Bekele In May of 2005 the noble idea of bringing change by peaceful means died a violent death in Ethiopia.... Read more »

Cardinals from Myanmar, Ethiopia among 20 elevated by Pope Francis

Pope Francis embraces newly elevated Cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovitvanit of Thailand during a mass to create 20 new cardinals at a ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica on Feb. 14, 2015. Photo... Read more »

Ethiopia: Andargachew Tsige and the struggle for freedom

Ethiopia: Andargachew Tsige and the struggle for freedom By Yilma Bekele Andargachew Tsige was taken prisoner by the TPLF Woyane regime on June 24/’13 while on transit at Sana, Yemen International Airport.... Read more »

Tsehai Publishers Strives for a Better Africa and Ethiopia

Tsehai Publishers was founded by Elias Wondimu and focuses on printing scarcely distributed books from Ethiopia. (Photo via Tsehai Publishers) The Los Angeles Loyolan By Kaitlin Perata “When you think of Africa,... Read more »

Demonstration Staged Against Ginbot 7 Activities in US

By Zerihun Getachew Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in Washington staged a demonstration Tuesday to express support for the excellent relations between Ethiopia and the US. They commended the progress being made in... Read more »

Ethiopia in Danger! Is There a Way Out Without Our Mutual Destruction? – By …

If Ethiopia is to emerge from an “ethnic apartheid era of the TPLF)” with enough strength to meet the challenges of the future, the people of Ethiopia must seek reconciliation, genuine justice... Read more »

It Is Very Simple – Respect the Constitution

Once again Ethiopia is in the headlines.It is not for its dazzling double digit economic growth, nor for its once familiar tale of famine and poverty that it tries so hard to... Read more »

World cup fraud. A cry for Justice

Gov’t agencies endorsed the fraud. Berhanu Mengesha (seen in picture), 30, a resident of Jimma and a mechanic by profession, shouts for justice. He claims to have been defrauded by Askallukan Trading... Read more »