Ethiopia: Memorandum No. 2- How to Speak Truth to Good Leaders Who Listen

Abiy Ahmed By Al Mariam Author’s Note: For the past couple of weeks, I have read and heard unjustified and irresponsible criticism of PM Abiy. Many of his critics are Hippos (older... Read more »

Ethiopia asked Eskinder Nega, Abebe Kesto, Andualem Arage to sign “confession” forms — Quartz

When Ethiopia announced last month that it would release political prisoners and close a controversial detention facility, many viewed it as a promising sign that the Horn of Africa nation was shifting... Read more »

Journalist Eskinder Nega refuses to sign false confession in exchange for prison release

Eskinder Nega is still in jail after refusing to sign a false confession in exchange for freedom. (Eskinder family) New York, February 9, 2018- The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the Ethiopian... Read more »
Ethiopian journalist

Ethiopian Journalists Live in Fear of ‘Terror’ Law

Nowhere across Africa is the message that its people want a way out of what I call “the four Ds” – death, disease, disaster and despair – more resounding than among the... Read more »

Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega and others terrorism trial delayed

Addis Ababa – An Ethiopian judge delayed the verdict on Friday in the case of 24 people charged with terrorism, including prominent journalist Eskinder Nega and opposition member Andualem Arage. The conclusion... Read more »

Ethiopian Journalist Eskinder Nega could face death penalty

Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega could be sentenced to death tomorrow (11 May). He is one of several people accused of inciting terrorism. A verdict in the trial of Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega... Read more »

Ethiopian Terrorism Trial Hears Journalist Eskinder Nega’s Defendant

A dissident Ethiopian journalist on trial for terrorism has categorically denied the charges and warned the court that history would judge its verdict. A three-judge panel listened Wednesday as journalist Eskinder Nega... Read more »
Dawit Kebede with CPJ award presenter Robert Thomson - Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal

Awramba Times Dawit Kebede joins Ethiopia’s exiled journalists

New York, — Dawit Kebede, managing editor of Awramba Times, one of Ethiopia’s two remaining independent Amharic-language newspapers offering critical analysis of local politics, announced today that he was forced to leave... Read more »
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Ethiopian Journalists Flee as Others Tried for Terror

Two newspaper columnists known for sharp criticisms of Ethiopia’s government are reported to have fled into exile, just as other journalists being tried on charges of treason and espionage. Ethiopia’s journalist community... Read more »

Ethiopia : Government charges 24 with terrorism

ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopian authorities charged 24 people with terrorism offenses Thursday including an opposition politician and a journalist, a government spokesman said. “They are accused under the anti-terrorism law of being... Read more »