Ethiopia releases Somali journalist jailed 27 years over anti-terror charges

Ethiopia has released a veteran Somali journalist who was serving a lengthy jail term over anti-terror charges. Mohamed Aweys Mudey had spent three years in an Addis Ababa facility before his release.... Read more »

Ethiopia reduces sentences of jailed journalists, activists

The Ethiopian federal supreme court has today reduced the jail terms of 20 defendants who were accused and sentenced to various years in jail after having been charged of terrorism related. Among... Read more »

Ethiopia jails four over planned terrorist attacks in Oromia state

A Federal High Court in Ethiopia has handed varying jail terms to four people connected to a terrorist attack plot in the Oromia regional state. The state-affiliated FBC said the four had... Read more »

Ethiopia frees Eritrean journalists jailed for over a decade without charge

Ethiopia over the weekend freed two Eritrean journalists imprisoned for over a decade without formal charges. The two, Tesfaldet Kidane and Salih Gama, employees of the Eritrean state broadcaster were arrested by... Read more »

Ethiopia Gives Journalist 18-Month Jail Term for Subversion – U.S. News & World Report

africanews Ethiopia Gives Journalist 18-Month Jail Term for SubversionU.S. News & World ReportCritics say Ethiopia, an important Horn of Africa ally of the West sandwiched between volatile Somalia and Sudan, regularly targets... Read more »

The T-TPLF Spook That Sat by the Jailhouse Door in Ethiopia (Part I)

By Alemayehu G. Mariam Author’s Note: This is Part I of a two-part translation of an Amharic interview[1] with a former, now-exiled anonymous T-TPLF  “mole” (deep- cover intelligence operative) who was trained... Read more »

Ethiopian journalists jailed for government criticisms – CBS News Video

CBS News’ Major Garrett speaks with two Ethiopian journalists Zelalem Kibret and Edom Kassaye who were beaten and imprisoned for more than a year for their blog posts criticizing the government. Comments... Read more »

Ethiopia’s jailing of Zone 9 bloggers has a chilling effect on freedom of …

They met online in 2010 while raising money for charity: nine young, university-educated Ethiopian professionals. Eventually, they decided to launch a blog about social and civic issues in Africa’s second-most-populous nation. “Initially,... Read more »

US Students Feature Ethiopia’s Reeyot Alemu in ‘Press Uncuffed’ Campaign

Reeyot Alemu is one in a number of journalists who have been prosecuted under the vaguely worded and broad-reaching anti-terrorism laws passed by the Ethiopian legislature in 2009. (IWMF/Getty Images) Tadias Magazine... Read more »

Al Jazeera demands release of remaining two jailed journalists – Press Release

Al Jazeera has said that the campaign to free its journalists in Egypt will not end till all three have been released. Peter Greste is on his way out of the country... Read more »