Israeli police forcibly remove Coptic protesters in Jerusalem | News

Israeli police broke up a sit-in by Coptic monks at a major Christian holy site in Jerusalem as they were protesting against restoration work at a nearby monastery claimed by their sect.... Read more »

Government delays Aliyah of Ethiopian Jews

Eight thousand Ethiopian Jews residing in Addis Ababa and Gondar, some of whose families have already immigrated to Israel, are still waiting for the government to reach a decision regarding their immigration... Read more »

UN Security Council rejects US draft resolution on Gaza | Palestine News

The United States has voted against a Kuwait-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution calling for the protection of Palestinian civilians, while being the only country to back its own measure condemning Hamas... Read more »

Ties with Israel through the lens of Ethiopia’s ambassador – Israel News

Talk with ambassadors and diplomats from any number of countries stationed in Israel, and the discussion at some point is likely to touch on the historic ties between the two countries... Read more »

Tikkun Olam half a world away in Getana, Ethiopia – International news

Getana is an independent farmer working a small plot of land in the hinterlands of the Butajira district of Ethiopia, 130 kilometers south of the capital Addis Ababa, and half a... Read more »

Israel’s Ethiopian community mourns those who died en route to Jerusalem – Israel News

Benjamin Netanyahu at a remembrance ceremony for Ethiopian Jews who lost their lives on their way to Israel in Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem Day 2018. (photo credit: KOBI GIDEON/GPO) In 1984,... Read more »

In Ethiopia, U.K. Chief Rabbi calls on Jews to take on global concerns – Diaspora

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Chief Rabbi of the UK Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has urged his community and Jews more broadly to look beyond their communal horizons and take greater responsibility for... Read more »

Gaza in 2018 is what Selma was in 1965 | Human Rights

The recent killings of peaceful Palestinian protesters, children and journalists by Israeli military snipers marks a turning point in the movement against Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestine. Weekly nonviolent protests by thousands... Read more »

Jewish community in Ethiopia celebrates 70 years in solidarity with Israel – Israel News

Members of the Jewish Ethiopian community attend a prayer service at the HaTikvah Synagogue in Gondar, northern Ethiopia, September 30, 2016.. (photo credit: REUTERS) Ethiopian Jews celebrated Israel’s independence in Ethiopia in... Read more »

IN PICTURES: Large-scale Passover preparations underway in Ethiopia – Diaspora

Ethiopian Jews prepare for Passover. (photo credit: LIOR SPERANDEO) Members of the Jewish community in Ethiopia have begun extensive preparations for the Passover holiday. They plan to bake around 100,000 matzot (unleavened... Read more »