2,500 Ethiopian Jews begin hunger strike

Some 2,500 Ethiopian Jews have gone on a hunger strike to force the Israeli Government to repatriate them to their dreamland. They say their continued stay in Ethiopia was subjecting them to... Read more »

Israel approves immigration of 8,000 Falashmura from Ethiopia

Unlike Ethiopian Jews, Falashmura are not allowed into Israel under the Law of Return and will convert during absorption process. The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a plan to bring 7,846 members... Read more »
Gilad Meshesha

Beaten up by passengers, bus driver faces assault charge

A bus driver who was allegedly beaten unconscious by two ultra-Orthodox men a year ago has been charged with assault. A bus driver who was allegedly beaten unconscious by two men a... Read more »

Egypt Arrests Three Ethiopian Women

The Egyptian authorities arrested on Friday three Ethiopian women near the Egyptian-Israeli border in Sinai. Egyptian security sources reported that the three, detained on Friday at dawn, were trying to infiltrate into... Read more »

“Death to Niggers” sprayed on Ethiopian’s gravestone in Israel

Woman’s family says hate slogans, including ‘Death to niggers,’ were written in Russian; vandals not caught Ilana Curiel Unknown vandals spray-painted swastikas and hate slogans, including “Death to niggers,” on the gravestone... Read more »