Eritreans are happy about peace and wary of Isaias’ promises | Ethiopia

Ever since Ethiopia announced in early June that it will fully accept the terms of a 2000 peace agreement with neighbouring Eritrea, the pace of normalisation of relations between the two countries has been truly... Read more »

Ethiopia/Eritrea – The Great Illusion : Part VI Isaias Afwerki’s Colonial Question

Ethiopia/Eritrea – The Great Illusion : Part VI Isaias Afwerki’s Colonial Question By Worku Aberra Fictional stories serve useful purposes. Ethiopians tell teret, parables to convey a moral message; and Isaias, the... Read more »

Eritrean President Says U.S. is Behind Ethiopia Attack

Isaias Afeworki accuses U.S. of siding with Ethiopia * President says aim is to divert attention from border spat * Ethiopia has attacked rebel bases inside Eritrea * U.S. denies involvement in... Read more »

Is Eritrea Ready to Reform?

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afewerki concludes his three-day ”peace trip” to Uganda later on Thursday. His visit comes at a time when Eritrea is seeking to rejoin the regional development group the Inter-Governmental... Read more »

Uganda invites reclusive Eritrea leader Isaias Afewerki for visit

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Uganda has invited Eritrea’s leader, President Isaias Afewerki, accused by the West of stoking Somalia’s Islamist rebellion and destabilising the east African region, to a state visit next week,... Read more »
Eritrean ambassador to Kenya Beyene Russom at his office in Nairobi during an interview.

Eritrea : We are not the “Bad boy”

Three events in quick succession have forced Eritrea to go on the defensive with its envoy in Nairobi declaring , “we have never been the bad boy”. Despite the firm declaration of... Read more »

The bad boy of the Horn of Africa: How Eritrea’s strongman uses Kenya as a terror finance hub

In early July, as Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki headed to Addis Ababa to chair a meeting of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad), a six-country partnership formed to address issues of drought,... Read more »
Yemane Ghebreab

Wikileaks: Eritrea attempts ‘charm offensive’ to woo Obama

By After years of isolation, Eritrea’s government tried to re-engage with Washington after the election of President Barack Obama, with sometimes unpalatable results. Members of Eritrea’s “American Mafia,” senior party and... Read more »
Isaias Afeworki

Wikileaks: Eritrea’s president is ‘unhinged dictator’

The US ambassador to Asmara gives a gloomy assessment of Eritrea’s future, both politically and economically, while President Isaias Afwerki remains in power. But he finds little evidence that change is coming,... Read more »

Wikileaks: Rare Meeting with Ethiopian Intelligence Chief Getachew Assefa

By On the second Wikileaks US embassy document from Ethiopia it revealed the rare interview and long hours of meeting between the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) chief Getachew... Read more »