In Ethiopia, model drought defenses are put to the test

July 24, 2017 Gode, Ethiopia—Battered by drought and civil wars, more than 20 million people from Yemen to Tanzania are at risk of starvation in what aid workers call the largest humanitarian... Read more »

Ethiopia carries out mass doping tests | International

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — After being criticized last year for having a weak anti-doping program, Ethiopia conducted drug tests on more than 350 athletes last week, a top official said. The vast... Read more »

Medical Journal: Ethiopia Health Policy, Omot Olok… – Gambella Media

Rochester, MN, January 21, 2017 (GMN) – Introduction, Ethiopia has a history of hunger, poor health care service and well known as one of the poorest countries in... Read more »

Ethiopia on the brink? Politics and protest in the horn of Africa … – Reliefweb

Ethiopia is 12 months into a political crisis which has seen at least 1,000 people killed. But unless the government introduces significant reforms, it will get worse, says Andrea Carboni. An unprecedented... Read more »

Why the skirmishes between Ethiopia and Eritrea won't spiral into full-scale war – African Arguments (registration)

There is fighting talk on both sides, but neither would benefit from actual war. At a refugee camp near the Eritrea-Ethiopia border. Credit: Roberto Maldeno. International attention has once again been drawn... Read more »